Map of via ferrata routes in Europe

With 608 routes as of July 11, 2024, this work-in-progress map below contains all the via ferrata routes in Europe that I have researched so far – see how. Right now it displays mostly ferratas in Switzerland (B to E/F), Italy (C to E/F), Austria (C to F), D to F from France, Germany and Spain, with links to relevant descriptions for each tour. You can bookmark the page to follow my progress, if you wish. The goal is to add at least 300 routes by the end of 2023 (done) and at least 600 by the start of the 2024 via ferrata Summer season (done).

How to use the map

1. On Mobile phones with Android or iOS

You can tap on the Maximize button at the top-right of the map, or use the link This opens the custom map above as an extra layer in your Google Maps app and all the ferratas will be displayed, with a different color for each level of difficulty.

You can then use Google Maps as usual, but you will also see each ferrata pin. You can plan a drive in Google Maps and see which ferratas are close to your driving itinerary. You can search for a town or destination and see which ferratas are nearby. You can zoom-in to specific areas and check out the ferratas there.

Be aware that this extra map layer will only work when you have an internet connection. Save any details you need from the map ahead of time, if you expect to not have mobile data on the mountain.

To clear the via ferrata pins from your Google Maps app, simply tap on any pin, then tap More info > View map legend > Close.

2. On Desktop PCs

You can simply use the map as it is embedded on this page, or click on the top-right Maximize / View larger map button, which opens the map in a new tab. From there, you can search for locations, names of via ferratas, or zoom-in to different areas on the map.

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