List of Via Ferrata Routes

I only recently started adding via ferrata routes to these lists, so expect more to be added in the near future. Better check the homepage map, with more than 550 routes, each with links to relevant sources where to read about them.

in Austria

  1. Via ferrata Achensee – 5 Gipfel (D) Austria
    D 540m ferrata, 800m total • 4h30min ferrata, 6h15min total
  2. Via ferrata Attersee – Mahdlgupf (D/E) Austria
    D/E 600m ferrata, 870m total • 3h30min ferrata, 5h30min total
  3. Via ferrata Drachenwand (C, var C/D) Austria
    C, var C/D 400m ferrata, 560m total • 2h ferrata, 4h total
  4. Via ferrata Hanauer Klettersteig (D, var B/C) Austria
    D, var B/C 150m ferrata, 610m total • 1h ferrata, 3h50min total
  5. Via ferrata Hias Klettersteig (D) Austria
    D 130m ferrata, 220m total • 1h ferrata, 1h40min total
  6. Via ferrata Intersport Klettersteig – Donnerkogel (C/D) Austria
    C/D 470m ferrata, 650m total • 3h ferrata, 4h50min total
  7. Via ferrata Laserer alpin Klettersteig (C) Austria
    C 60m ferrata, 120m total • 50min ferrata, 1h30min total
  8. Via ferrata Loser Panorama Klettersteig Sisi (D) Austria
    D 200m ferrata, 450m total • 1h30min ferrata, 2h45min total
  9. Via ferrata Peterlewand (B, var C, C/D, D) Austria
    B, var C, C/D, D 50m ferrata, 180m total • 30min ferrata, 1h total
  10. Via ferrata Reinhard Schiestl Klettersteig (D) Austria
    D 190m ferrata, 240m total • 1h30min ferrata, 2h20min total

in Switzerland

  1. Via ferrata de Moiry (C, var D/E) Switzerland
    C, var D/E 150m ferrata, 200m total • 1h45min ferrata, 2h45min total
  2. Via ferrata Gantrisch (C/D) Switzerland
    C/D 260m ferrata, 600m total • 1h30min ferrata, 3h45min total
  3. Via ferrata Kandersteg – Allmenalp (C, var D) Switzerland
    C, var D 370m ferrata, 450m total • 3h ferrata, 3h30min total
  4. Via ferrata Leukerbad Gemmi Daubenhorn (D, var E) Switzerland
    D, var E 930m ferrata, 1150m total • 5h45min ferrata, 8h total
  5. Via ferrata Mürren – Gimmelwald (B/C) Switzerland
    B/C 250m ferrata, 270m total • 1h45min ferrata, 2h total

in Italy

  1. Via ferrata Bocchette Centrali (B, var B/C) Italy
    B, var B/C 390m ferrata, 1460m total • 2h45min ferrata, 9h45min total
  2. Via ferrata Col Ross – Monte Emilius (C) Italy
    C 650m ferrata, 2000m total • 4h ferrata, 13h total
  3. Via ferrata Giovanni Lipella (C/D) Italy
    C/D 780m ferrata, 1500m total • 3h30min ferrata, 7h30min total
  4. Via ferrata Rino Pisetta (E) Italy
    E 430m ferrata, 715m total • 2h45min ferrata, 5h total
  5. Via ferrata Rio Sallagoni (C) Italy
    C 180m ferrata, 200m total • 1h15min ferrata, 2h total
  6. Via ferrata Signora delle Acque (C/D) Italy
    C/D 150m ferrata, 350m total • 1h ferrata, 2h30min total

in Slovenia

  1. Via ferrata Aljaževa pot – Mojstrana (B) Slovenia
    B 180m ferrata, 205m total • 1h ferrata, 1h40min total
  2. Via ferrata Hanzova pot – Mala Mojstrovka (B/C, 1) Slovenia
    B/C, 1 560m ferrata, 720m total • 2h ferrata, 4h total
  3. Via ferrata Hvadnik (C) Slovenia
    C 120m ferrata, 170m total • 45min ferrata, 1h30min total
  4. Via ferrata Jerm`n (D/E) Slovenia
    D/E 110m ferrata, 140m total • 30min ferrata, 1h10min total
  5. Via ferrata Pot čez Prag – Triglav (A/B, 1) Slovenia
    A/B, 1 1100m ferrata, 1900m total • 4h30min ferrata, 12h total
  6. Via ferrata Pot mojstranških veveric – Mojstrana (C) Slovenia
    C 180m ferrata, 205m total • 1h ferrata, 1h40min total
  7. Via ferrata Renke 2 (E) Slovenia
    E 60m ferrata, 410m total • 20min ferrata, 2h total