Via ferrata Achensee – 5 Gipfel (D) Austria

Achensee – 5 Gipfel is a via ferrata circuit located in the Rofan mountain range in Austria. The route includes 5 summits and offers a mix of steep ferrata sections and beautiful hiking trails through lush mountain meadows. The route is flexible, allowing climbers to skip certain climbs or combine the ferratas in any order they choose. The route is rated D and comes with well-secured steel cables and rungs. Gipfel means Summit in English.


Grade: Dview topo
Vertical: 540m ferrata, 800m total
Time: 1h approach, 4h30min ferrata, 45min descent, 6h15min total
Access / Parking: 47.4243,11.7515Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 47.4424, or any Android maps app
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The access point is located at 47.4243,11.7515, a parking lot in Maurach, near Achensee. From there you go up by cable car, with the Rofan Seilbahn.

Approach to start

The start of the via ferrata is located at 47.4424,11.7771. The approach from the upper cable car station takes approximately 1 hour.

The route

The via ferrata circuit consists of five different sections that can be combined in any order. The climbs are:

Obholzer Gedächtnis-Klettersteig (B/C, 120 meters altitude, 1 h)
Rosskopf-Klettersteig (C/D, 150 meters altitude, 1.5 h)
Seekarlspitze-Klettersteig (D, 70 meters altitude, 0.5 h)
Spieljoch-Klettersteig (C, 85 meters altitude, 0.5 h, dangerous in wet conditions)
Hochiss-Klettersteig (C/D, 110 meters altitude, 50 min)

The total altitude for the ferrata is 540 m, while the total vertical distance is 800 m from the cable car upper station. The time on ferrata is approximately 4.5 hours.


The descent takes approximately 45 minutes and leads climbers back to the Rofan Seilbahn upper station. The total time for the ferrata circuit is approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Make note of cable car closing times, otherwise you will need to follow trail 401 back to the parking lot in Maurach, which adds approximately 2 hours on a 800 meters descent.

Good to know

Each climb can be skipped or you can reach the summit on easy climbs or paths. The ferratas can be combined as you wish, in no particular order.

When it’s wet, some sections of the climb are tricky or dangerous, especially the descent from the Rosskopf and the Spieljoch via ferrata.



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