Via ferrata Signora delle Acque (C/D) Italy

Via ferrata Signora delle Acque is built along Rio Ruzza waterfall, near the village Ballino. This popular route is a good option for hot Summer days and can be completed in 2 and a half hours, including the approach and descent.


Grade: C/Dview topo
Vertical: 150m ferrata, 350m total
Time: 30min approach, 1h ferrata, 1h descent, 2h30min total
Access / Parking: 45.9665,10.8108Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 45.9659, or any Android maps app
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A paid parking lot in Ballino marks the beginning of the ascent. The parking meter accepts coins only (August 2023), but there’s a cash changing machine next to it. Parking is free for customers of the nearby Chiosco La Ruzza bike grill or Ristorante Pizzeria Da Lucio.

Approach to start

Hike up from the parking lot, following a marked trail which first goes right, then up on steeper terrain and back to complete an arc towards left. At a crossroad you keep left, as the trail from the right will be your descent shortcut back to this approach trail. An info board marks the beginning of the cable.

The route

The route goes mostly vertical on the water sculpted rock walls of Rio Ruzza waterfall. Right after the start, you can cross a bridge to a viewpoint. Further up on the route, you get to the second bridge by climbing a semi-twisted ladder. The bridges have two cables for hands and foot-shapped steps on the botttom feet cable. The climbers’ entry journal is on the upper part. Frequent iron bars, curved downwards, make this route accessible, but still a proper C/D grade.


Follow a forest road into trail numer 420, which goes back to Ballino. After the first bend to the left, you can turn right in the direction of the waterfall and rejoin the approach trail, which you can follow back to the village.

Good to know

Route is usually closed between mid December to late April due to rock fall danger after snow melting.

Picturesque Canale di Tenno village nearby is worth a visit, as well as Lago Di Tenno, a lake for Summer swimming.



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