Via ferrata Attersee – Mahdlgupf (D/E) Austria

The via ferrata route Attersee is located in the Salzkammergut Mountains, in Upper Austria. The climb begins at an altitude of 650 meters and ends at the summit of Mahdlgupf at 1261 meters. The route is long and challenging, with a total length of almost 1200 meters of cable and a total altitude gain of 870 meters. Graded D/E, it requires a high level of fitness and stamina.


Grade: D/Eview topo
Vertical: 600m ferrata, 870m total
Time: 30min approach, 3h30min ferrata, 1h30min descent, 5h30min total
Access / Parking: 47.7995,13.5395Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 47.8055, or any Android maps app
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We arrive in Weißenbach am Attersee by public transport or by car. The coordinates for parking in the Summary section above, also used on most guides, are for a small free parking lot. There are two other paid options close by: 1) large parking lot in the town center and 2) right outside of the town at 47.7968,13.5388, South direction, on the side of the B153 road to Bad Ischl. This last parking lot is a good option because it is close to where the descent trail ends.

Approach to start

From Weißenbach, the approach to the via ferrata is on the Nikoloweg hiking trail, which leads to the start of the cable, at an altitude of 650 meters.

The route

The via ferrata route Attersee is a beautiful climb that leads past the impressive “Weiße Wand” (White Wall) and offers stunning views of the lake. The route is frequently underestimated and therefore a D/E passage was added at the start in 2020. Even if you climb this harder section, don’t underestimate the endurance required to finish the route. The climb is steep and sometimes exposed in the middle section, but becomes a beautiful ridge walk with views of the lake and some short but steep via ferrata sections after a rest in the “Wald” section. The climb finishes with a slightly steeper final wall leading to the summit. The via ferrata is a great alternative to the crowded via ferrata on the Drachenwand and provides an enjoyable climb with a beach-like atmosphere.


The descent from the summit is via the Mahdlschneid to the Schoberstein, and then along a well-marked trail back to Weißenbach.

Good to know

Ferrata is closed between 30 November and 31 March.

Start was rebuilt in 2020 with a D/E section.

Very long and demanding ferrata with almost 1200 meters of climbing cable. It includes one D/E passage, two D passages, and several B/C sections. Often underestimated, it requires very good physical fitness and stamina. Climbers who are not experienced or lack fitness should avoid the climb.

Climbers who have additional time after reaching the summit can climb the Mahdlschneid to the Brennerin for an additional hour, but this requires a high level of surefootedness, and there are short sections of ladder and wire rope.



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