Via ferrata Silzer – Crazy Eddy (C/D, var D) Austria

Crazy Eddy via ferrata was renamed Silzer in 2021. Located at a low elevation, this via ferrata route allows you to climb next to the Inn River and very close to the A12 / E60 highway, about 40km west of Innsbruck.


Grade: C/D, var Dview topo
Vertical: 140m ferrata, 260m total
Time: 20min approach, 1h ferrata, 25min descent, 1h45min total
Access / Parking: 47.2728,10.9209Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 47.2736, or any Android maps app
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Map and photos


Once we arrive in the town of Silz, we cross the Inn river and the highway, then we see a few areas where we can park. You can also arrive in Silz by train.

Approach to start

We follow the “Silzer Klettersteig” signs on the footpath that goes west, then north in the general direction of the Grünberg (1497 m) peak. Once we arrive at a fork in the trail, we follow the left path up to the start of the via ferrata cable. We will use the path on the right during descent.

The route

There are two starting options, with the one on the left being more difficult as it begins with a D segment.

The first section is more enjoyable when using basic rock climbing technique. After this section we follow a marked footpath to the right, leading to the base of the steel web, an element typically found in high ropes courses.

Climb the steel web or bypass it using the left variant, both of similar difficulty. After the steel net, continue around a difficult corner and then proceed through easy terrain up to the two-cable bridge.

This bridge can be challenging for shorter individuals, so plan accordingly if you are under 1.70 meters tall.


After the bridge, descend through partially secured, easy terrain all the way back to the starting point. Refer to the map above for better orientation.

Good to know

  • This route incorporates adventure park style elements.
  • The bridges can be problematic for shorter people.

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