Via ferrata Bocchette Centrali (B, var B/C) Italy

Via ferrata Bocchette Centrali is nestled within the breathtaking Brenta Group mountains (Dolomiti di Brenta) of Italy’s Trentino-South Tyrol region. While not overly challenging in technical terms, this historic iron path offers a profound immersion in the rugged beauty of high-altitude landscapes. You will traverse the narrow rock ledges and iron ladders that define this iconic route, all while enjoying panoramic views that showcase the sheer grandeur of the surrounding mountains. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a novice explorer, via ferrata Bocchette Centrali promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Italian Alps.

We’ll cover here details for a 18km+ long, 1-day tour, but we’ll suggest a multi-day tour as well at the end.


Grade: B, var B/Cview topo
Vertical: 390m ferrata, 1460m total
Time: 3h30min approach, 2h45min ferrata, 3h30min descent, 9h45min total
Access / Parking: 46.2065,10.8499Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 46.1575, or any Android maps app
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Bocchette Centrali via ferrata map
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We arrive in Madonna di Campiglio village, Trento, then follow the road to Rifugio Vallesinella’s paid parking area, which can be crowded in high season. A bus service also runs to Vallesinella from Spinale paid car park in Madonna di Campiglio – check for more info.

Approach to start

From Rif. Vallesinella we hike on path 317 to Rif. Casinei, continue on path 318 to Rif. Brentei and further up towards Bocca di Brenta (2552m). Right before this mountain pass, we turn left to reach the beginning of the via ferrata. Rif. Pedrotti is a 30min detour from Bocca di Brenta, 15min each way.

The route

Bocchette Centrali via ferrata is famous for its narrow rock ledges, which are technically easy, but exposed. The route is bi-directional, so expect to encounter people on the route coming from the opposite direction. We follow the path towards Bocca degli Armi mountain pass at 2749m.


From Bocca degli Armi descend towards Rif. Alimonta, then on path 323 towards Rif. Brentei and back to our starting point on the same trails we used for approach.

Good to know

  • There are perennial snowfields below Bocca degli Armi (2749 m), which are not usually difficult to cross, but having the right glacier equipment (crampons, ice axe, rope) in this area of the Dolomites is the safer choice, especially if you plan a longer tour that includes Sentiero Brentari and Sentiero dell’Ideale.
  • Rifugio in Italian means Hut.

Multi day tour suggestion

In this area you can combine various via ferratas and aided paths with overnight stays at different huts for a multi-day, hut-to-hut alpine experience at high altitude.

Although more variations with different starts are possible, you can park at Madonna di Campiglio cable car parking lot (46.2375,10.8364). Go up to mountain station Grostè and start this suggested multi-day tour from there, crossing the Brenta Dolomites from North to South:

  • day 1: Sentiero Alfredo Benini, overnight at Rif. Tuckett (4h)
  • day 2a: Via ferrata delle Bocchette Alte, overnight at Rif. Alimonta (6h15min)
  • day 2b: Sentiero SOSAT, overnight at Rif. Alimonta (2h50min)
  • day 3: Via ferrata delle Bocchette Centrali, overnight at Rif. Pedrotti (2h45min)
  • day 4a: Sentiero Brentari, Sentiero dell’Ideale, overnight at Rif. XII Apostoli (5h30min)
  • day 4b: Sentiero Brentari, via ferrata Ettore Castiglioni, overnight at Rif. XII Apostoli (6h45min)
  • day 5: Descend to Pinzolo/Madonna di Campiglio (3h+)

You can adapt this tour to your pace and combine two days into one, when possible.

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