Via ferrata Renke 2 (E) Slovenia

Located in a climbing crag above Renke, next to Sava river, Renke 2 is one of the hardest via ferratas in Slovenia. It was built by mountain guide Mitja Šorn and his colleagues, financed by the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi and local entrepreneur and founder of DEWEsoft, Jure Knez.


Grade: E
Vertical: 60m ferrata, 410m total
Time: 45min approach, 20min ferrata, 55min descent, 2h total
Access / Parking: 46.0918,14.9461Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 46.0968, or any Android maps app


You park at the coordinates in the Summary paragraph, in a large parking lot next to the main road which passes near the small Renke village, on the right bank of the Sava river.

Not tested, but there might be other alternative starts to explore, on the other side of the river. You could try to go east from Mošenik (Zagorje ob Savi).

Approach to start

From the parking lot you continue to cross the Sava river over an old bridge. This part in itself is an experience, as the wooden floor of the bridge is old and damaged. The bridge is officially closed with a warning at start, but it is being used daily by the locals, as it is the only “good” option to get across the river. You will be crossing the bridge at your own risk.

Once you cross the river, turn left and walk for about 70 meters along the railway tracks, then turn right by crossing the train tracks and start going up into the forest. From here the trail is marked, pointing towards the climbing crag.

The route

It’s a steep route, resembling a sport climbing route. At start you can choose between a D variant on the left, or E on the right. You should go for the E segment because it’s a good test to see if you can complete the route. After a few meters, the two start variants join and you continue with technical, physically demanding climbing. The upper part is rated E as well.


Take your time and find the marked descent, which leads back to the access trail. You then go back the same way you came.

Good to know

  • No artificial holds, just the cable. D start variant but the upper E can’t be avoided.
  • Opened in 2022, next to Renke 1 (C/D) ferrata, in a climbing crag.
  • Might be closed during the peregrine falcons nesting period.
  • Some people reported seeing snakes on the approach and at the top.

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