Via ferrata Hanzova pot – Mala Mojstrovka (B/C, 1) Slovenia

Built in 1928, this via ferrata is exposed and not always secured with a cable. Good for half a day spent on the mountain, it reaches Mala Mojstrovka peak at 2333 m.


Grade: B/C, 1
Vertical: 560m ferrata, 720m total
Time: 45min approach, 2h ferrata, 1h15min descent, 4h total
Access / Parking: 46.4347,13.7438Google Maps or any Android maps app
Start via ferrata: 46.4393, or any Android maps app


Mala Mojstrovka map


Starting point is Vršič Pass (1611 m), accessible by car on the winding road from Kranjska Gora in the North or Bovec in the South. There’s also a bus stop here.

Approach to start

From Vršić saddle (Vršič sedlo) hike up to mountain pass Vratca (1807 m), where we turn left, E-SE. After 15 more minutes we arrive at the start of the via ferrata.

The route

This route is not your typical, modern-built via ferrata and should not be underestimated. While the technical level is not above B/C, the way it is built can make the entire tour feel harder, if you are not familiar with old Slovenian ferratas which have some exposed, unsecured sections.


Descent is on a challenging steep scree, which can be good training for this type of terrain. We first descent towards South and follow the hiking trail back to the start, which results in a circular tour.

Good to know

There are more hiking and via ferrata opportunities in the area.

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